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Top Quality Lawn Care & Landscaping Services in Northern Virginia

Here at Earthworks, our team of experienced professionals are fully dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with the high quality lawn maintenance and landscaping services they need to keep their homes looking their best at all times. Our team of Fairfax landscaping professionals understand how important your yard is to your home and to your family, and that's why our team of landscapers work so hard to help you keep yours looking vibrant and beautiful all throughout the year. Our team of experienced landscaping experts will work with you directly to ensure you get the high quality service you need that is perfectly suited to your specific needs and those of your property.

Lawn Care & Mowing

lawn care fairfax vaWhen it comes to keeping your home's landscaping looking great, regular lawn care is a must have. Here at Earthworks, our team of lawn care professionals can provide you with the high quality lawn care and mowing services you need to keep your home's landscaping looking its best all throughout the year.

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Landscape Design & Install

landscape design fairfax vaContrary to what many homeowners might think, the process of putting a new landscape in place for your home isn't a simple one. There is a lot of work that goes into the project, and a lot of planning that needs to take place to ensure everything comes out the way you want it to. Our team of professionals can provide you with the high quality landscape design and installation services you need to ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for from your home's landscaping.

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Lawn Fertilization

lawn fertilization fairfax vaWhen it comes to fertilizing your lawn, there is more that goes into it than just opening up a bag and throwing some down. Our team of landscape and lawn care experts here at Earthworks can help make sure that your lawn has everything it needs to continue to grow healthy and strong. Our team of professionals will develop a custom fertilization routine based on the particular needs of your lawn and help you keep it looking beautiful at all times.

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Weed Control

weed control fairfax vaWeeds can be both a nuisance and a danger to the health of your lawn, but luckily, our team of experienced professionals here at Earthworks know what it takes to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. Our team of experts can help you with the removal of your lawn and garden weeds, and will give you the regular care you need to ensure they don't come back. Don't let weeds ruin your home's beautiful landscape. Give us a call today and let us help you make your weeds a worry of the past.

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Snow Removal

snow removal fairfax vaMaking sure that your yard stays free and clear of debris is always a good idea, but it is never more important than when you have snow covering your lawn. If left in place for any length of time, snow can do some serious damage to the health of your lawn and landscape, robbing your grass of sunlight and crushing it under its weight. Our team of lawn care experts here at Earthworks can help you with all of your snow removal needs and make sure that your lawn has the care it needs to bounce back healthy in the spring.

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Tree Work

tree services fairfax vaThe trees on your property can be a wonderful aspect of your landscaping, but they also have the potential to be a serious hindrance or even a hazard if they don't have the care they need from time to time. Our team of tree work professionals here at Earthworks can providing you with all of the trimming, pruning, removal, or installation services you need to make sure that your trees are always enhancing the beauty and value of your property, and not the opposite.

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hardscaping fairfax vaWhen you are looking for a quality project that is guaranteed to increase the functionality of your property in addition to its value, you can never go wrong with a tasteful hardscaping project. From new stone patios, to retaining walls, and even fountains or fire pits, the possibilities are nearly endless. Give our team of professionals a call today and let us help you design and install the perfect new hardscaping feature for your home's landscape.

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Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting fairfax vaLandscape lighting can serve a wide variety of different purposes on your property. From highlighting certain aspects of your landscaping to make them really pop, providing your landscape with a particular mood or ambiance, or just increasing the security of your property by giving would-be thieves and criminals fewer places to hide, landscape lighting can do it all. Give our team of professionals a call today and let us help you design and install the perfect new landscape lighting scheme for your home.

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If you are looking for a professional landscaping service provider in the Fairfax area, please call Earthworks at 703-359-1487 or complete our online request form.

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